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  • _Main stage

  • Bookshop

  • Candy shop

  • Children's room

  • Exhibition area

  • Lecture hall

  • Workshops

  • Welcome speeches by specially invited guests

  • Panel discussion. The speakers asked not to be named before the discussion for security reasons

  • Moderator: Taras Lyuty, philosopher, writer
    Natalya Kryvda, doctor of philosophy, professor at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, academic director of the Edinburgh Business School, expert of the "Ukrainian Cultural Fund"
    Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta, general director of the Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex
    Bohdan Logvynenko, Ukrainian writer, journalist, TV presenter, public figure; founder of the Ukrainer project
    Yevhen Nyschuk, Ukrainian theater and film actor, politician, public figure; People's Artist of Ukraine (2015); Minister of Culture of Ukraine in 2014 and 2016-2019
    Vladyslav Yatsuk, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

  • Moderator: Oleksandr Sushko, executive director of the International Renaissance Foundation
    Daria Kaleniuk, co-founder and executive director of the Anti-Corruption Center
    Olga Aivazovska, head of the board of the OPORA Civic Network, coordinator of political programs
    Svitlana Panaiotidi, state and civil society activist
    Dmytro Shulga, director of the "Europe and the World" program of the International Renaissance Foundation
    Valery Pekar, lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla and Lviv Business Schools

  • Accompanied by performance of Shchedryk Choir

  • Organizers: Euromaidan SOS initiative of the Center for Civil Liberties.

  • The research theater workshop invites you to use your body, emotions, aesthetics and creativity in games and exercises to review and understand your own life experience and find your own points of support that allow you to hold on and support each other.
    Host: Yana Salakhova, a practitioner of the Theater of the Oppressed and an independent expert on issues of non-discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes of the NGO "Teatr Zmin".

  • Moderator, speaker: Oleksiy Tolkachev. Public figure, ideologist, philanthropist, author of the book "Dream Ukraine". The topic of the speech: "What is happening now in Ukraine with reading books? Analysis and forecasts. World statistics"
    Alina Pesyholovets is the founder and curator of the "Universe" reading club for children, teenagers and parents. Producer and patron of young authors. Topic: "How to motivate the younger generation to read books? Practical advice"
    Mykhailo Stoyanov is a participant of the reading club, an English teacher and the host of the financial game (Cash flow) for middle and primary school pupils. Topic: "What books do young people read? How to make a book interesting and appealing to the readers?"
    Antonina Oksanych is a child and family psychologist, co-author of books on raising children. Topic: "Psychology and reading. How does reading books help to cope with psychological problems?”
    Olha Ivanova - IPIO publisher, book producer. Topic: "Which books attract the reader's attention? Trends of the future"
    Dmytro Feliksov is the founder of the book space "ReadEat" (Kyiv). Topic: "Bookstores creating a fashion for reading books"
    Margarita Sichkar - author of books, book sommelier, book producer, founder of the "Book Hub: Vis-à-Vis. Date with a book" (Hostomel). Topic: "Book Hub - the trend of the future. A new look at the space for popularizing book reading"

  • The topic of discussion is devoted to Sebastian Junger's book "Tribe. On Homecoming and Belonging"
    Organizers – the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in cooperation with the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Governance.

  • The global generation: why work with young people who have left
    Anastasia Shymchuk, program coordinator of the Bohdan Gavrylyshyn Family Foundation
    Coaching in time management issues
    Alina Koval, PCC ICF coach, representative of the branch of the International Coaching Federation in Ukraine
    Remote team: how to stay effective?
    Andriy Nimkovich, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships at Rescue Now
    Public participation in decision-making. What is it all about?
    Maksym Lukinyuk, consultant of the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Research on the Development of Public Participation Mechanisms
    Ukrainian identity as the driver of victory
    Bohdan Bevza, head of the project management group of the Center for Reforms and Local Development
    Where does win-win begin: how to make the state, business and community work together?
    Som Svitlana, visionary, founder and leader of the Partnership Mediation Institute
    3D modeling and printing as a tool in CSO projects
    Dmytro Kobzar, manager of the Working Group together with Ihor Chelter, a member of the Working Group on Public Safety and Social Cohesion of Volnovaha City Territorial Community
    Quiz "Anti-bullying in educational institutions"
    Zakharina Maryna, member of the NGO "European Chernihiv" presents "Danger in Jungles" Mental health: combating stigma
    Tetyana Dzisiak and Alyona Dorogavtseva, administrators of the Psychological Help Line of the National Psychological Association, crisis psychologists of the National Psychological Association Security class
    Oleg Pomazan and Yuliya Heyets, members of the Working Group on Public Security of Pryluky, Chernihivska oblast

  • Turning visions into actions: expertise, reporting, communications
    Kira Syrotenko, acting chairperson of the board BLAGOMAY CF
    Community heroes: overcoming security challenges
    Tetyana Nekhaychuk, project management manager of the All-Ukrainian Association of Local Self-Governing Bodies "Association of United Territorial Communities"
    How does humanitarian aid actually (not) work?
    Anna Borisova, manager of humanitarian projects of the Charitable Foundation "Stabilization Support Services"
    Bringing Ukrainian news to the places where people are waiting for it
    Lyudmila Tyahnyryadno, editor-in-chief and program host of Internet projects of Ukrainian Radio
    Restoration of the energy infrastructure: issues that are becoming relevant again
    Kostyantyn Nizheyko, Chairman of the Board of the International Association for the Future of Ukraine
    Economic recovery of the country: attracting young people
    Arzy Hayredinova, director of Generation Plus CF, consultant on youth development and involvement, mentor
    Better than it used to be. Best practices in restoring damaged housing
    The team of the project "Housing for life" of the Civic Network "OPORA"
    Overcoming the consequences of ecocide in Ukraine
    Yuliya Markhel, leader of the country's largest eco-movement Let's do it Ukraine
    Mental health: combating stigma
    Tetyana Dzisiak and Alyona Dorogavtseva, administrators of the Psychological Help Line of the National Psychological Association, crisis psychologists of the National Psychological Association
    Young people go to teach in the villages
    Annichka Dubinska, program director and Anna Petukhova, coordinator of the "Conscious Citizenship" project of the Ukrainian Educational Platform

  • Why do we need educational games. Game design from scratch
    Mykhailo Voytovych, director and co-owner of Svit Gromad LLC
    Self-organization of IDPs: a first-person view
    Natalya Kryvoruchko, manager of the social sphere in Zakarpattia Oblast, head of the IDP Council at the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration, candidate of economic sciences
    Saving the rescuers: supporting the mental health of military medics
    Maryna Sadykova, co-founder of the Repower fund, co-owner of the Lioncom events and communications agency
    As it is and as it should be: international humanitarian programs in Ukraine
    Taras Tymchuk, founder and managing partner of Open Space Works Cooperative
    How do we educate children in the de-occupied territories?
    Yevheniya Laptiy, curator of the "Initiatives for Community" project of the "Ordinary People" civil society organization
    The power of social media: advantages, benefits, limitations, frustrations, and fatigue
    Geoffrey Glenn, Peace Corps virtual volunteer
    How to participate in the recovery of Ukraine now?
    Andriana Рamar, grant manager of the civil society organization "Building Ukraine Together"
    Humanitarian aid: life hacks and facts
    Yuliya Panura, consultant of UCIPR on tax and financial issues
    Mental health: combating stigma
    Tetyana Dzisiak and Alyona Dorogavtseva, administrators of the Psychological Help Line of the National Psychological Association, crisis psychologists of the National Psychological Association
    Is it finally time for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people?
    Vladyslav Polishchuk, serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleh Maksymyak, assistant of the secretariat of the "Equal Opportunities" inter-factional union in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Yuliya Kysil and Kris Golovchenko, protagonists of the film "Marriage (In)equality in Ukraine"

  • A zone with board games, coloring pages and other activities for the youngest participants of the Forum

  • A zone with board games, coloring pages and other activities for the youngest participants of the Forum

  • A zone with board games, coloring pages and other activities for the youngest participants of the Forum

  • A zone with board games, coloring pages and other activities for the youngest participants of the Forum

  • CF "Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation"
    NGO "Ukrainian Volunteer Service"
    NGO "Ukrainian Center for International Relations"
    NGO "Warm a soul"
    "Balaklia and Vinnytsia": stronger together! Podilska community
    U-Report Ukraine
    European Democracy Youth Network (NGO "European Democratic Youth Network of Ukraine")
    Charitable Foundation "MHP-Gromadi"
    VidNOVA:UA National program
    Charitable Foundation "SpivDia"
    NGO "Action Office"
    Ministry of Social Policy "The State Purchases Social Services from Non-State Providers"
    Let's do it Ukraine
    Erasmus+ National Office
    Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine. Chevening scholarship program for master's studies in Great Britain
    Police Stabilization Project (PSP)
    "DSNS" information on mine safety

  • Practices, initiatives and projects of civil society organizations that contribute to the victory of Ukraine, whose experience can be adopted and scaled, are presented.
    - NGO "And what did you do?"
    - Charity Foundation "Riy"
    - Charity Foundation "Kharkiv with you"
    - Social initiative Military Training Center "SICHESLAV"
    - Charity Foundation "Codeitforlife Ukraine"
    - Volunteer organization "Let's keep the line, Dnipro"
    - Volunteer Group "Help Army"
    - XR-exhibition "The real causes of war or how Russian propaganda works" from the NGO "Chornobyl Institute" and the volunteer initiative "Nota Yenota"
    - The Hospitallers Medical Battalion
    - Ukrainian Health Protection Association "Marlog-Caduceus"
    - Charity Foundation "DIGNITAS"
    - Friends of Ukraine Foundation ICF

  • The "Long Breath" space consists of three sections. In one of them, we learn through the various games, in the second - we restore strength with the help of art therapy and retreat practices. In the third - we focus on our minds and bodies as a source of strength.

    11.00 – 12.30 Section 1 : GAMES

    GAME "Together you are safe"
    Legal education game "PravoGames"
    Funds Hunter board game
    Networking game "Being emotional"
    Metaphorical cards to support yourself and those around you

    13.00 – 14.30 Section 2 : ART-THERAPY

    Intuitive painting, Picasso style
    Thread doll "Sun Horse": a symbol of victory, life and wisdom
    Neurographics: "How to find new meanings in life"
    How to work with a stressed child using different materials
    Technique "3 pictures"

    15.00 — 16.30 Section 3: Healthy lifestyle

    Let's eat!
    My recovery - strategies for "recharging" the body in times of war
    How to defend psychological boundaries and not quarrel with the whole world?
    Self-massage as a means of restoring vitality
    "Power of vibration" - practices of conscious meditations

  • Moderator: Valeriya Ovcharova, Program Specialist of the Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement ( USAID/ ENGAGE)
    Petro Panchenko, head of the Khmeliv community, Romen district, Sumska oblast
    Yuriy Romashko, executive director of the "Institute of Analytics and Advocacy"
    Nataliya Pishchulina, head of the civil society organization "Ukrainian Antiquity"
    Iryna Malyuha, regional coordinator of the project "Models of participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine" in the Nizhyn community of the Chernihivska oblast" of ANTS – National Interests Advocacy Network.
    Oleksandra Kolotukha, senior communications manager of the Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement ( USAID/ ENGAGE)

  • Moderator: Oleksandra Baklanova
    Oleksandr Yarema, State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    Oksana Zholnovych, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
    Viktor Nestulya, head of the DREAM project office
    Volodymyr Sheyhus, executive director of ISAR Ednannia
    Ivan Lukerya, member of the board, director of regulatory and corporate relations of Naftogaz of Ukraine
    Oleg Horohovskyi, co-founder of Monobank (tbc)
    Olena Plakhova, director of reputation management, member of the Board of Directors of Nova Poshta Group

  • Moderator: Halyna Balabanova, co-founder of the "Halabuda" Educational HUB and head of the civil society organization "Mariupol Association of Entrepreneurs".
    Oleksandr Zhuravlyov, head of the Lyman city military administration of the Donetsk region
    Andriy Hrudkin, executive director of the Civil Union "Coalition "On the Line of Collision"
    Olena Shvydka, head of the Ivanivka village council of the Chernihiv district of the Chernihiv oblast
    Stepan Maselskyi, head of the Izyum district military administration of the Kharkiv oblast
    Andriy Seletskyi, head of the Novovorontsov settlement military administration of the Kherson oblast
    Ihor Hnatusha, head of the Komysh-Zoryansk military administration of the Zaporizhzhia oblast
    Yevhen Bondarenko, head of the Department of Information Support of the Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

  • Theme of the intellectual game: "Ukrainian national identity: what we don't know about it."

  • PRUDENCE Section
    Understanding Western organizational practices and culture — lessons for the formation of international partnerships
    Speaker: Geoffrey Glenn, volunteer, international coordinator of the Dobrobut Charitable Foundation

    BRAVERY Section
    National strategy for promoting the development of civil society in Ukraine: relevant issues of implementation
    co-organizer: Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    Oleksandr Yarema, State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    Representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Social Service and civil society institutions that are partners in the implementation of the National Strategy for Promoting the Development of Civil Society in Ukraine

    JUSTICE section
    Adaptive long-term strategies and decision-making in conditions of chaos
    co-organizer: Curly Management Bureau
    Dina Volynets, certified facilitator, owner of Curly Management Bureau
    Olena Kohan, project manager, Scrum Master, trainer/facilitator of Curly Management Bureau

    TEMPERANCE Section
    How can an NGO team develop its product or service
    co-organizer: the NGO "PRO Women UA"
    Yevpak Yulia, head of the board of the NGO "PRO Women UA", certified project manager (PRINCE II)

    FAITH section
    Leadership in times of change: a creative approach to solving challenges through coaching
    co-organizer: ICF Ukraine
    Olga Dubova, professional certified coach (PCC), member of ICF (International Professional Coach Federation).

    HOPE Section
    Crisis management and risk management for Ukrainian NGOs in the conditions of a war of attrition
    co-organizer: NGO "Zdorovi Humanitarian Mission"
    Nataliya Tulinova, founder and director of the ZDOROVI National Humanitarian Aid Agency, NGO "Zdorovi Humanitarian Mission" and ZDOROVI agency.

    LOVE section
    Conversation about burnout and recovery: reflection about successful cases of combating burnout of civil society sector workers
    co-organizer: CF "Right to Protection"
    Moderator: Kateryna Zaitseva, deputy coordinator of the psychological assistance program of the CF "Right to Protection"
    Nadiya Kovalchuk, program director of the CF "Right to Protection"
    Anna Bondarenko, head of the Ukrainian Volunteer Service
    Nataliya Onipko, president of Zaporuka CF
    Yulia Krasylnikova, executive director of "East SOS"
    Nataliya Pakhomova, head of the People in Need HR department
    Valeriya Paliy, manager, candidate of psychological sciences, president of the NPA, academic director of psychology programs at KSE
    Lyudmila Huseynova, human rights defender, SEMA Ukraine activist
    Hanna Dyachenko, Head of HR Department of NGO “Building Ukraine Together"

  • TEMPERANCE Section
    Democratic Ukraine: what is needed for elections after the war?
    co-organizers: International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Ukraine
    Moderator: Oleksandr Klyuzhev, expert on election issues of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Ukraine
    Oleksandr Kornienko, First Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada
    Vitaly Plukar, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission
    Serhiy Saveliy, senior legal specialist of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Ukraine
    Yulia Kyrychenko, member of the board, expert of the constitutional direction of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms
    Oleksiy Repik, project’s manager of All-Ukrainian civic organization Civic Network "OPORA"

    BRAVERY Section
    Charity standup: where to find funds and resources to change lives in communities. Joking about serious things while developing communities
    co-organizer: CF "MHP-Gromadi"
    Moderator: Sashko Lopushanskyi, stand-up comedian, blogger, presenter
    Tetyana Volochai, director of CF "MHP-Gromadi"
    Volodymyr Panchenko, head of the national projects department of the CF "MHP-Gromadi"
    Oleksandr Pakholiuk, head of the grant attraction department of the CF "MHP-Gromadi"
    Alyona Danilova, journalist, founder of the NGO "Ukrainian Women's Battalion"
    Yuliya Arseenko, "Borsch Festival" project, Bobrytsk community
    Yevhenii Dovhalyuk, "Volunteer's House" project, Yahotyn community
    Yuliya Zozulya, "Power of Vibration" project, Kaniv community
    Sofia Rebensdorf, Center for the Development of Children's Abilities and Opportunities, Myronivka
    Yurii Nosach, Photo Studio PhotoStudioHub, Kaniv
    Vladyslav Maslo, Production of stamped parts and spare parts for vehicles using a crank-impact press, Myronivka

    JUSTICE Section
    Vaccination against populism: how the architecture of justice for Ukraine should be organized
    co-organizer: Ukraine 5AM Coalition
    Moderator: Maksym Yeligulashvili, member of the board of the Institute of Peace and Understanding
    Alyona Lunyova, advocacy director of the ZMINA Center for Human Rights
    Serhiy Danilov, Deputy Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (online)
    Olga Tarasova, Research & Insights Director, Carat Ukraine
    Lyubomyr Mysiv, Deputy Director of the Rating Sociological Group
    Evgeny Hlibovytskyi, an expert on long-term strategies

    TEMPERANCE Section
    Moving beyond: how civil society brings experiences together and heals the country
    co-organizer: German Marshall Fund of the United States
    Moderator: Yevhenia Bodnia, researcher, German Marshall Fund of the USA
    Nataliia Malynovska, All-Ukrainian Civic Association "Republika" Institute
    Maria Dmytrieva, Director of Programs, Center "Development of Democracy"
    Valeriya Lozgachova, volunteer, Charity Foundation of volunteer Lyera "Heart of Ukraine"
    Oksana Yakunina, Head of the Fund, Charity Foundation Wing of Ukraine. Nikopol

    FAITH Section
    Civic education – times of change
    In cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI)
    Moderator: Iryna Slavinska, journalist, host, producer of Radio Kultura.
    Roman Hryshchuk, People's Deputy of Ukraine, Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Education, Science and Innovation
    Iryna Lyashchenko, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy, KNU Taras Shevchenko
    Mykhailo Vynnytskyi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science
    Iryna Slavinska, Member of the Council on Youth Affairs under the President of Ukraine, head of the working group of the Council on Civic Education
    Lidia Fesenko, Senior Program Specialist of the International Republican Institute
    Ruslana Korenchuk, Operations Manager of the Action.Education platform

    HOPE Section
    Artificial intelligence in the recovery of Ukraine: tools for CSOs
    co-organizer: Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM)
    Moderator: Valeriya Maiboroda, researcher of artificial intelligence ethics, Institute of Innovative Governance
    Borys Drozhak, chief engineer of DataRobot, co-inventor of remote demining system "Snake", author of patents in the field of AI and developments for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
    Oles Petriv, CEO and co-founder of Reface (online)
    Roman Puchko, CEO of the NGO ReThink
    Kateryna Lopatyuk, analytics researcher, NGO ReThink
    Anton Tarasuik, co-founder of Mantis Analytics
    Oleksandr Bornyakov, Ministry of Digital Transformation

    LOVE Section
    How to keep the focus of world attention on Ukraine?
    co-organizer: BRAND UKRAINE
    Moderator: Maryna Dadinova, deputy head and head of the Brand Ukraine program direction
    Gosha Tyhiy, communications adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
    Valentin Panyuta, Head of UNITED24Media, brand leader at Fedoriv Agency
    Bohdan Pavlenko, PR manager of the civil society organization PR Army
    Maria Lypyatzka, head of Brand Ukraine
    Anya Solovey, Evelina Kurilets, Razom for Ukraine

  • PRUDENCE Section
    How can civil society organizations navigate the reefs of financial monitoring in the stormy sea of martial law and recovery processes?
    co-organizer: CEDEM in partnership with the EU Global Fund on AML/CFT
    Moderator: Anna Isichko, Deputy director of CEDEM
    Maria Poloz, a lawyer at the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law
    Phil Cooper, Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering Legal Expert, Greenacre Group, UK
    Maria Heletiy, Ph.D., Deputy Head of the Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity, ISAR Ednannia
    Oleksandr Moskalenko, Credit Agricole financial monitoring department Oleksandr Moskalenko, financial monitoring department Credit Dnipro Bank (TBC)
    Sangeeta Goswami, an expert in the field of anti-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering legislation
    Ben Evans, Greenacre Group Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering Legal Expert
    Mamuka Jgenti, EU Global Facility chief expert on justice and CSOs

    BRAVERY Section
    Reintegration of veterans. The strength of communities is in people!
    co-organizer: CF "MHP-Gromadi"
    Moderator: Oksana Kolyada, Head of the Board of the NGO "Space of Opportunities", Minister of Veterans Affairs in 2019-20.
    Oleksandr Gurzhii, secretary of the Myrhorod City Council
    Pavlo Moroz, director of the department of corporate social responsibility of the MHP
    Natalia Kavetska, adviser to the Minister of Social Policy
    Nataliya Chupylka, manager of the Patriot veteran hub, Kaniv
    Iryna Dolia, leading specialist of the Department of educational and analytical work

    JUSTICE Section
    Inspirational stories for victory
    co-organizer: UNDP in Ukraine
    Nadiya Savynska, executive director of CF "Spivdia"
    Kateryna Yehorova, co-founder of the "Wings for Ukraine" CF, volunteer, psychologist, before the war – owner of the creative Ukrainian agency Bright White
    Vladyslava Romanyuk, head of the medical mission of volunteer doctors, gastroenterologist, CF "Frida"
    Vladyslav Yeshchenko, co-founder and chief executive officer of CF “We will see the victory”
    Ulyana Pcholkina, civil society activist, member of the board of the NGO "Active Rehabilitation Group", instructor in the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries

    TEMPERANCE Section
    How can a new foundation begin a partnership with a business? The Rescue NOW experience
    co-organizer: Rescue Now CF
    Moderator: Andrii Nimkovych, head of the fundraising department of Rescue Now CF
    Rescue Now - Karika Hanna, project manager, curator of the "Water" project.
    EPAM - Dmytro Yakymets, ESG manager, head of sustainable development projects.
    Beetroot – Hanna Shevchenko, coordinator of the foundation and of the direction of sustainable development.

    FAITH Section
    Tools for involving vulnerable and underrepresented groups in community reconstruction
    co-organizer: National Democratic Institute (NDI)
    Moderator: Nataliia Malynovska, project manager of the All-Ukrainian Civic Association "Republika" Institute
    Victoriya Zolotukhina, executive director of the NGO "Influence Group";
    Lyudmyla Chernenko, instructor for prevention and correction of PTSD in war veterans;
    Anna Sharygina, program director of the NGO "Kharkiv Women's Association "Sfera"
    Natalya Tarasenko, gender expert, head of the NGO Parytet;
    Oksana Solonska, communication expert on the protection rights of people with disabilities.

    HOPE Section
    Alliance of Ukrainian CSOs. What contribution will the new association be able to make to the development of the culture of partnership in Ukraine
    co-organizer: Caritas Ukraine
    Sasha Halkin, CF "Right to Protection"
    Mila Leonova, Caritas Ukraine
    Ksenia Hinchuk, NGORC,
    Julia Sporysh, NGO "Divchata"
    Dina Volynets, DEMAC (Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination)

    LOVE Section
    Kanban Pizza Game
    co-organizer: SoftChange Consulting
    Speakers: Anton Hlazkov and Olga Chekmenyova, organizational Agile coaches of SoftChange Consulting


Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
Los Angeles CA 95716