• Crimea
    The purpose of the Association: to develop and strengthen the capacity of Crimean organizations to work effectively and systematically to promote and respect human rights in connection to the occupation of the peninsula. Association of 4 human rights organizations: Regional Center for Human Rights, Center for Civic Education “Almenda”, Crimean Human Rights Group, Center for Human Rights ZMINA. HRH Crimea is a member of the international network of Human Rights Houses, which includes 17 organizations in 11 countries of Eastern and Western Europe, the Caucasus and the Balkans.

  • Vinnytsia
    Vinnytsia Oblast Human Rights Organization “Source of Hope” is a member of Network of Civil Society Organizations Hubs of Ukraine
    Voluntary association of regional organizations – leaders of civil society of Ukraine, which systematically and effectively influences social cohesion, respect for human rights, democratic change and strengthening the capacity of communities. Today, the civil society association includes 15 powerful organizations from different regions of Ukraine, which are united by a mission – joint actions to promote the development of civil society in Ukraine, support democratic change and amplify the voice of the community.

  • Volyn
    Non-Governmental Organization “Volyn Institute of Law” (Network of Civil Society Organizations Hubs of Ukraine)
    The team of the Volyn Institute of Law is working to ensure that every resident of Volyn can create positive changes in their community. Our slogan is “Actions make a difference!”. We support the institutional development of CSOs, cooperate with the authorities to form public, transparent, accountable local policies, ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens through the implementation of advocacy campaigns.

  • Dnipro
    NGO “Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Union of ATO Soldiers”
    The union provides comprehensive assistance to ATO soldiers, members of their families and families of the dead, helps to ensure the protection of legal rights and solve urgent problems. The organization is also engaged in military-patriotic education of youth, creating and maintaining a positive image of the veteran in society.

  • Kramatorsk
    NGO “Access Point” – a member of the NGO “Network of Civil Society Organizations Hubs of Ukraine”
    The mission of the organization is to support civil society initiatives and associations to improve welfare and address pressing issues of regional development. Priority areas of work are the development of organizational capacity of non-governmental organizations and initiative groups of Eastern Ukraine; implementation of the principles of openness and integrity in the activities of local self-government; implementation of local democracy instruments.

  • Zhytomyr
    NGO “Union of IDPs “Peace in the palm of your hand”
    The union was officially established in 2016. The main purpose of the organization is to exercise and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukrainewhen they exercise their constitutional rights. Support and capacity building for internally displaced persons, youth, combatants, protection of women’s rights. The main directions of the activities of the organization – social cohesion, involvement of citizens in activities, education, security, housing for citizens and more.

  • Zakarpattia
    Charitable Foundation “Center for Public Initiatives” together with the NGO “Youth Space”
     The organization focuses its activities on the development of civil society in Ukraine, its activities are formulated in accordance with the strategy, and its services – in accordance with the needs of clients. We work under the slogan “Let’s build a civil society together!” The NGO “Youth Space” is a voluntary association promoting the development of civil society and the activation of youth; it is the locomotive of development of Zakarpattiya; it is a space of new opportunities, ideas and actions!

  • Zaporizhzhia
    Zaporizhzhia Oblast Charity Fund “Child’s Smile”

    The mission of the fund: to provide assistance and support to people in difficult life circumstances, as well as to strengthen their resilience. Since 2013, the foundation has implemented 50 social projects aimed at improving the lives of communities (children and adults).

  • Ivano-Frankivsk
    Teple misto platforf

    Platform of initiatives and synergies between them, which has been operating in Ivano-Frankivsk since 2014. The foundation unites people and businesses that support ideas and actions for sustainable development of Ivano-Frankivsk, comfortable transformation of urban space into a warm, comfortable and aesthetic environment, creating conditions for unleashing of the intellectual and creative potential of the city, exchange of ideas and economic growth.

  • Kropyvnytskyi
    Non-Governmental Organization “Territory of Success”- member of Network of Civil Society Organizations Hubs of Ukraine

    Promoting the development of democracy in Ukraine through informational, educational, analytical, expert, advocacy and human rights activities based on the rule of law, human rights and gender equality.

  • Luhansk oblast
    NGO “Point of Access”- member of Network of Civil Society Organizations Hubs of Ukraine
     Priority areas of work are the development of organizational capacity of non-governmental organizations and initiative groups of Eastern Ukraine; implementation of the principles of openness and integrity in the activities of local government; implementation of local democracy tools, improving access of citizens and associations to relevant opportunities.

  • Lviv
    NGO “Western Ukrainian Resource Center” (ZURC)
    A professional, educational and service platform that works to improve the quality of life of communities in Ukraine on the basis of sustainable development. ZURC – social development through innovation.

  • Mykolayiv
    NGO “Association of ATO participants and people with disabilites”
    The organization implements modern policies of reintegration of war veterans and internally displaced persons on the territory of the Mykolayiv oblast, and also actively influences the regional map of civil society activism and reforms of local governments.

  • Odesa
    “My City” Platform and NGO “Ukrainian Volunteer Service”
    Ukrainian Volunteer Service is a civil society organization that develops a culture of volunteering and mutual assistance in Ukraine. “My city” is a platform for the implementation of social projects that systematically improves the city through the accumulation of ideas and efforts of a wide range of its participants.

  • Poltava
     Charitable Organization “Light of Hope”
     Our mission is to provide a wide range of social services and create the conditions for the sustainable functioning of public health systems according to the international best practices. One of the main achievements of the organization is the sustainability of services at the expense of budget funds. Our practices of work with representatives of vulnerable groups have become a priority of local policy and state policy in general.

  • Rivne
    Charitable organization “100 percent life. Rivne”
    The charitable organization was created by like-minded people to support people in difficult circumstances, to combat discrimination and to promote democratic values. The main activities of the organization are the protection of the rights of discriminated groups, support and development of civil society organizations in the social sphere, the promotion of democratic values.

  • Sumy
    КоSumy Platform for Reforms NGO Coalitionаліція 
    Sumy Platform for Reforms is an association of NGOs and concerned citizens who are ready to influence the government to implement positive changes in the city. The coalition currently includes 10 organizations. The mission of the Platform is unification in the name of promotion of reforms in order to build the city, to establish effective communication between the government and the community, to ensure that public opinion is taken into account during decision-making by the Sumy City Council.

  • Ternopil
    NGO “Center for Public Monitoring and Analytics”

     Civil society organization of activists who change communities. Objective analytics and professional advocacy underlie the work of a team of lawyers, journalists and experienced managers. Our mission is to change the culture of governance, where local authorities and security sector provide quality services for the benefit of the community, whose residents know how to express their interests.

  • Kharkiv
    Center of Development of Communities
    A non-governmental organization that has been working on the institutional development of intersectoral communications since 2006. We seek to strengthen the capabilities of the community, government and business through their interaction. We help to find solutions and ways to further develop civil society.

  • Kherson
    NGO “Civic society center “New Generation”
    The Civil society center has been working towards the achievement of results systematically for 27 years: we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects in communities, conducted trainings, consultations and internships for civil society activists, helped to start activities and strengthen the capacity of more than 20 organizations. “New Generation” is a provider of organizational development services. In 2017 and 2019, Center received the award as one of the best organizations for organizational development according to Marketplace.

  • Chernivtsi
    Association “Ukrainian People’s House in Chernivtsi”
     The oldest civil society organization in the Chernivtsi oblast (established in 1884). In 2019, a social partnership was created on the basis of the NGO, which includes 6 civil society organizations. The mission of the Partnership is to create conditions ensuring the realization of the rights of Ukrainians and real democracy.

  • Chernihiv
    Civil society association “Union of Initiatives of Chernihiv Region”
    Association of 16 civil society organizations of Chernihiv region, created in 2019 to protect common interests, strengthen the public sector of Chernihiv region and strengthen its position in the implementation of social change.

  • Ukrainian Leadership Academy
    ULA – national network of leadership development centers in Mariupol, Lviv, Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, Kyiv.Read more

    For the sixth year in a row, the Leadership Academy implements systemic educational programs and projects for young people, reaching more than 12,000 people each year. UAL is based on a 10-month formation development program for school leavers aged 16 to 20, which already has 886 graduates.